I’m the co-founder and former CEO of SURVIVR, a public safety company backed by Techstars. We built a virtual reality training simulator to help first responders improve their decision-making, de-escalation skills, and response times. Simply put, we existed to make communities safer.

By 2021, our immersive training was adopted by customers across 10 states. We expanded to serve municipal, county, federal, military, university, and private security organizations. Our team also grew accordingly, with half of our full-time employees being former law enforcement officers.

In August 2021, SURVIVR was acquired by InVeris Training Solutions. We ultimately joined forces because of one core belief: Good training saves lives. I served as InVeris’ Director of VR/AR Strategy for a year and then transitioned into my current role as Vice President of Products. 

Prior to SURVIVR, I majored in Software Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas.

DISCLAIMER: Any opinions are solely my own and not those of my employer.